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Product Development

In addition to national brand products, we procure products internationally for CGC Japan affiliated member companies at the lowest prices possible, while continuously developing new products, including private brands.

We procure products from global sources. These include foods of all kinds, such as dry groceries, produce, meats, seafood, prepared foods, frozen foods, candies, cookies, beverages including liquor and wine, and so on. They come from almost every part of the world, including North and South America, Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Our Products

We import products from 45 countries map download

Main products development from foreign countries

Broccoli (USA) / Onion (USA, Australia, Thailand) / Raisins (USA) / Asparagus (Peru, Mexico) / Blueberries (USA, Chile) /Oranges (USA) / Grapefruits (USA) / Grapes (USA) / Boiled Bamboo (China) / Bananas (Philippines) / Kiwi (New Zealand)
Beef (USA,Australia) / Pork (USA,Canada,Spain) / Fried Chicken (Thailand) / Grilled Chicken(Thailand,China) / Grilled Duck (China)
Farmed Salmon (Chile, Norway, Lesotho) / Shrimp (Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador)/ Red Shrimp (Argentina) / Wild Salmon (Alaska) / Mussels (Chile) / Squid (Peru, China) / Breaded shrimp (Thailand, Vietnam, China) / Kanikama (India) / Capelin (Norway) / Mackerel (Norway)
Chilled Foods
Cream Cheese (USA) / Camembert Cheese (Denmark) / Kimchi (Korea) / Pickled Scallion (China)
Frozen Foods
Frozen Vegetables (USA) / Frozen Potatoes (USA) / Frozen Blueberries (USA) / Frozen Soy Beans (Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia) / Oden (China) / Shirataki (China) / Grilled Fish (China) / Grilled Chicken (China) / Grilled Pork (China)
Grilled chicken (China,Thailand) / Chicken Tatsuta (Thailand) / Chicken Karaage (Thailand) / Fried chicken (Thailand) / Breaded horse mackerel (China) /Breaded pork(China) / Breaded shrimp(Vietnam,Thailand,China)
Dry Grocery
Canned corn (USA, Thailand) / Canola oil (Canada) / Maple syrup (Canada) / White asparagus in jar (Peru) / Pasta (Italy) / Salt & Pepper (South Africa) / Canned Tuna ( Indonesia, Thailand) / Coconuts Oil (Thailand) / Canned Pineapple (Philippines) / Canned Fruits (China)/Green bean vermicelli (China)/Olive Oil (Spain)
Honey roasted peanuts (USA) / Walnuts (USA) / Cup Pudding (Malaysia) / Roasted peanuts (China) / Saltine Cracker (Korea) / Caramel Popcorn (Taiwan) / Truffle Chocolate (Spain)
Toilet Paper(Indonesia) / Tissue Paper(China) / Canned Pet food(Thailand) / Detergent(Korea) / Fry Pan(China) / Earthenware Pot(China) / Zipper Bags(China)
Wine (Spain, Italy, Chile, France) / Beer (Korea, Belgium)